A downloadable game for Windows

Explore this world and reveal its secrets...

In the infinite universe there are many and different worlds to this one and in this game we will focus on one of those worlds.

Elysian "Other world" is an all-new, story-driven action JRPG experience with anime style set in the fantasy world of Elysian, a place home to magic.

The story follows Blaze, a young man summoned from the Earth by the goddess Amis  with the mission to find the divine treasures dispersed around the world and stop its destruction.  

Create weapons and potions...

Use alchemy and smithy (full version has more professions) to create weapons and positions. Weapons have durability and can break at any time. Be careful!!

Complete quests...

You can currently complete a series of quests in the Adventurer's Guild (the quests system will be expanded in the full version).

Find the divine treasure...

Explore the dungeon, solve the puzzles and defeat the final boss to claim the treasure. Good luck !!

Execute Combos

Combine different attacks to do more damage to your enemies. Protect yourself from physical attacks and dodge magic attacks with defense and dashing.

In the menu you will find your inventory, the missions available, the status of the character, the equipment and some configuration options to improve your gaming experience.

Elysian OW is being developed by Isusan. You can follow Isusan's development through his YouTube Channel every month.

Operating System Windows® 10 32-bit or 64-bit
Processor Quad-core processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
Graphics DirectX® 11-compatible device or higher
Video Memory 2 GB VRAM or higher
Memory 4 GB RAM or higher
Sound Integrated audio or higher
Storage 6 GB available space
Inputs Keyboard & Mouse, Gamepad, Playstation controller

DISCLAIMER: Elysian OW™ is a prototype yet. These requirements may be subject to change throughout development.


Elysian OW 2.5GB


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Looks pretty well made so far and I'm loving what you got.

I would suggest allowing the use of the cursor in the menus and settings. Pretty annoying having to navigate with movement keys. Also, maybe let the camera zoom out more? Movement can be a bit jarring, especially with the camera so close. I can easily see people getting motion sick & disoriented.

Hello Isusan,

Great work, I would like to get in touch about a business offer, please let me know a good place to reach you, thanks!

Good whatever time of the day it is! I just downloaded this game, and I'm impressed! But before I go over everything I found, I'd like to note that I have not gotten very far, I've gotten to the cave entrance and promptly died, as such, nothing I mention will be spoilers to the game, however, they are things I noticed while exploring the town. If the Dev ever reads this, I hope these notes are of some assistance, as I truly do see this being a great game in the future. If there is a better way to inform the creator of these things please let me know as I’m rather new at this. Also also, if the Dev has already fixed everything I mention, then feel free to ignore it, though I hope the scattered complements are still taken.

The below are things I noticed and wrote down at random, so they are in no specific order:

  •   First off, I’d like to state that this game is pleasing to the eye, while empty of ‘life’ at the moment, what it does have is nice to look at. Also, there are often little aids to assist in reminding the player what controls to use. They are not always there, but they are frequent enough to get the gist across. Though there is currently very little to interact with at the moment, I’m sure more will be added later.
  • The coals in the blacksmith forge look more like colored blocks, with one being clipped at the back, perhaps adding a steam/smoke effect would make the continuous red glow look more natural.

  • There is currently allot of clipping, the main character can walk through the horses, the well next to the water fall, several shop stands, some windows, and then there is the sign for the snack bar building that is going through some box’s outside. Also, Leyla’s hands continuously clip through her skirt.

  • There are a few areas where there are visible ‘seams’ on the walls, on the second floor of the snack bar, and the 1st floor of the adventure’s guild.

  • The design for the snack bar is cute, though you can’t get behind the bar and it has a fully viable walkway. The easy solution to this is to just add a small door.

  • The shield the one guy has in the adventures guild is awesome! The pictures on the guest board are gorgeous (though slightly repetitive), and Maria’s ears are so darn cute! I also love the way her tail moves! The guest details are something that are obviously in work at the moment, as the Dev has placeholder text there. My only real complaint here is not being able to talk to any of the other adventures, they all kinda look like they’d have something fun to either say, or overhear.

  •  The crystals in the item shop are pretty, though one of the yellow ones has sparkles coming from it and the other doesn’t, this may mean it’s smashable, but I honestly haven’t tried.

  • When exiting buildings, I noticed the camera has an annoying habit of swinging to the left, not always, but enough.

  • The magic shop is the freaking best! Check it out!

  • The female? metal armor in the equipment store has a shade/shadow problem, it kept flickering the whole time I was there. Also, the design for the axe in this shop is nice.

  • The guard outside the city? gate says ‘this is the mayors house’

  • The barrier by the water fall next to the save point does not appear to work, I drowned twice.

  • The mining is kind of fun. Though, when I entered the cave I realized my life was at 120 instead of 600, thinking that was due to the prior mentioned drowning I drowned myself again, but my life remained 120.

  • I tried the menu after (why didn’t I try it from the beginning? Because I’m stupid, duh) however, I can’t use the health items, I have 10 of them, and they refuse to work. Also, I can’t go through the different item lists. When I decided to explore the rest of the menus all of them worked fine, except the Party Status, that one I couldn’t exit unless I completely closed the menu. 

And that's that! As I've said, I did not get far. I fought the first monster and died and as I haven't figured out how to heal myself I might have to start the game over. Not that big of a lose, going to the cave is kind of one of the very first things you do...I just decided to admire everything else instead. 

add resolution to this game. i have 4:3 screen and its unplayable for me 

It looks so good reminds me of Genshin but it looks unique in its own way. I would be really happy if you could play it on Mac OS though.

How can I enable controller support? I have an Xbox One controller but it only seems to detect Keyboard/Mouse when I start.

I have'nt played it yet but... i watched some of your devlogs(im gonna watch all of them) and it always seemed to me that the game felt kinda lonely. Like maybe some NPCs on town(just props) that walk and follow paths just to fill in the area or passive animals and birds you could hunt to get materials or boost stats(if there isn't animals yet), or maybe fruits from trees and bushes for consumables. And most importantly, more of those juicy particles. Performance could down a bit with these suggestions but i personally dont like the feel of being alone in an open world game.

More power for you Isusan!!❤😁

im really excited for the full version of your game :)

I like the combat! It felt good! I also like your game graphics! Although, there are a few suggestions that I can think of that could improve your game. It's mostly grammar-related. Otherwise, you are on a good path!

For the Quests when talking to Maria:

-"Avaliable Quests" should be "Available Quests" <-- just switch two letters around. 

-I believe that it would make more sense to change from "Complete Quests" to "Completed Quests" <-- this can throw off some users very easily at first. 

Some grammar suggestions:

"We hope for your success in this mission."


"Oh, hello adventurer! I hope you have a good day!"

"Be careful out there. Even if the mission seems easy, one small mistake can cost you a death. "

"I believe you should talk to Maria regarding your quests."


"Hi! You better make sure that you eat well and stay energized during the fight!"

Yellow Crystal:

You don't have to take in my wordings for this quest--  

"Lorem Ipsum is simply a dummy text of the printing and typesetting industries. Moreover, it originated when an unknown printer took a type of gallery and converted it to a specimen book. This type of book would typically include the specimens' vital information. Lastly, Lorem Ipsum became the standard in the 1500s due to its positive outcomes."

The only suggestion I can think of that is critical:

-You should make a menu separating Configuration settings and "exit to main menu" instead of putting it all together. For example, you can make the pause menu that includes "resume game," "settings," and "exit to main menu." You can use "Esc" as your button for it. 

I'm suggesting this because it's a standard input and purpose. 

To be honest, man, I can be your overall tester! :D

I am really grateful for your advice, I wanted someone to tell me what characteristics need to be improved, grammar, I am not going to debate it, I only know technical English, if I have a budget I plan to hire a screenwriter and other people to fill the other roles, because this is a big game.

The Xbox controller,  could you contact me by discord, to send me some captures isusan#1536 ? , thank you

Yeah, no worries! I just sent you a friend request as it is required to send you images or messages. My ID is MrKatking1#0932

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Hey, mate! I want you to know that the Device selection in the game isn't allowing me to switch to Xbox one's controller (as you stated that I could play with it)-- unless you didn't implement other kinds of inputs in the current public version. Otherwise, everything else is interactable in the Configuration menu. I can't wait to see this game progress! :)

I think this game has potential. Firstly, I would like to compliment on the artstyle and the design of this game. It really catches my eye and reminded me of Genshin Impact or Breath of the Wild.  The controls at first looked imposing but after playing for a few minutes the controls were not so complicated. The combat feels good actually. Doing combos was really fun and engaging. Having different routes and cool finishers. The only gripe I have this game is that sometimes it was a bit irritating trying to block attacks as the enemies have a chance o just walk to your side and then hit you. Maybe you could implement a lock on system of sorts? Maybe it will a great addition to the combat and gameplay. Overall love the prototype and can't wait to see the game moving forward :D

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Thanks for your feedback and for playing it, it helps me to continue improving, right now I am working on other systems such as swimming, climbing, and possibly horse riding, I would like more people to know it.

Please If you have any problem with the beginning, do not hesitate to tell me, in the instructions just go to the end and press "Submit", Thanks